10 Amazing Tips and Tricks for iPhone 7 and iOS 10

If you own an iPhone 7, an iPhone 6s with force touch, or just an iPhone with iOS 10, I have 10 great tips and tricks for you to try out right now!
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17 thoughts on “10 Amazing Tips and Tricks for iPhone 7 and iOS 10

  1. TheLifeOnHigh

    Thanks. The 3D Touch from the settings button gets me to the battery option really quickly when I enable low power mode. Tried to make it part of the widgets but the 3D work around is just as fast.

  2. Enceladuss1990

    I only just found you today I find your reviews helpful on the iphone7 and this video as I am a person coming from android to iphone7 seeing how well last for a couple of years though I never really have an issues against the operating systems. Thanks for these definitely subscribed.

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