2016 Top 10 Smartphones

performance, design, and convenientmaintenance’ve listed
prepare for you the highest quality video

10- ZTE axon 7
8- Oneplus 3
7- Google Pixel
6- Sony xperia xz
5- HTC 10
4- Apple Iphone 7 Series
3- Lg V20
2- Samsung Note 7 ♥ We’re sorry
1- Samsung Galaxy S7 Series

20 thoughts on “2016 Top 10 Smartphones

  1. Сергей Москалев

    Thanks for video. Cool smartphones, it is the truth. But it is bad that in the description don't write the price range. In my understanding budget-this to $70. The Chinese brands are suitable for this price more, you will tell. I choose between Uhans A101 and Homtom Ht7. Somebody had the Chinese brand?

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