Accessory Crunch Anti-Gravity Selfie Case for iPhone 6/6S, Hands Free Nano Suction Stick to Glass, Tile, Car GPS, Most Smooth Surface (4.7″) – Black

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The Bond Case protects your iPhone 6/6S from drops and scratches. The case sticks to all smooth and flat surfaces without being sticky. Our Nano-suction technology is comprised of millions of nano-scale tiny suction units on the back of the case which gives the case the ability to stick on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, ceramic tiles, and metal. Our case sticks to: • Mirrors • Windows • Kitchen Cabinets • Tile • Whiteboards • Metal • Smooth, flat, non-porous surfaces Clean:  The case loses its ability to stick when it becomes dirty. However, the nano-suction material cleans easily with a damp cloth. Simply wipe down your case with a little bit of water or any other cleaning solution and the case feels like brand new and sticks to anything again.Available for Amazon Prime![Stick Well]- Hands-Free selfie case enables to stick to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets or tile, car GPS, and most smooth, flat surfaces.
[Nano-Suction Material ]- Nano-scale tiny sucker on the case back enables to stick on flat and smooth surfaces such as glass, mirror, ceramic tiles, metal with adsorption manner.
[Perfect Fit]- Perfect fit and full access to versatile buttons and ports on cell phone is feasible.
[Easy to Clean]- This Anti Gravity case is self-heals and temperature resistant. A damp cloth could be used to wipe down the dust easily after a period of use when its back is dirty with dust and could not stick well. It can be used again after 4-5 minutes dry.
[After-sales service]- Any defective or flaw could be exchanged for new items; refund of money could be implemented within 24 hours.

Discounted Price – $2.29

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