Apparently I’ve been using the keyboard all wrong? iOS 10 Tips and Tricks

How did I type before? I can’t believe I’ve been doing it wrong for the last 13 months of using Force Touch enabled devices.

Cases used in this video:
iPhone 7 Plus – Apple Silicone Case
iPhone 6 Plus – Magbak

24+ Case Comparison Tool:

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Other Tips and Tricks:

I like my Apple iPhones. I like them so much that I’ve dedicated part of my life reviewing accessories for them. That doesn’t…

26 thoughts on “Apparently I’ve been using the keyboard all wrong? iOS 10 Tips and Tricks

  1. Russ Bus

    I just got the lifeproof nuud for the iPhone 6s in the mail but I have the liquid armor "invisible" screen protector.Will the lifeproof nuud case work completely functional and not get any water damage. If not do you u know if there is any way you can take of this screen protector 🙂 bye thanks

  2. MrGattor33

    What 😮😮😮
    Only for the 6S or 7, such bullshit I'm getting sick of this apple shit putting this stuff out only for one or two types of devices!! If it's iOS 10 then it should be for all devices ‼️

  3. CyclingMikey

    I've only just discovered this myself, albeit for the GBoard keyboard. I didn't know about selecting the word like you showed at the end though, thanks!

    What about some tips on using swipe keyboards like GBoard, Swype, Swift? Lots of people don't seem to know about those, or about how fast you can type on them.

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