Apple iPhone 7 first impressions: Launch day in Pasadena California!

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iPhone launch day is always an event. Juan went hands on with the iPhone 7 in Pasadena, where he also was interviewed by almost every single local news station in the greater Los Angeles area. Oh, and we also have an iPhone 7 to un-box! Here’s our first impressions of Apple’s newest flagship…

31 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 first impressions: Launch day in Pasadena California!

  1. rarutab

    Do I qualify as a retard if I spend a night to give my money to a company that does not help society in any way, just so I can change the story on my Snapchat?

  2. lante07

    Alright, here's my dilemma. Currently on Verizon, but thinking about switching because of the cost and data limits. T-Mobile will give me a free 7 if I trade in my 64gb 6s. But if I keep my 6s, T-Mobile won't cover my termination fee when leaving Verizon. Definitely not sold on the 7 at all, although that matte black is sexy. But Verizon overages are killing me.

    Should I stay with 6s or go to T-Mobile for the 7?

  3. Sam Ford

    Lame jazz no flow just so annoying theirs a style and some gadget guy well has none it's just weird and different but not in an interesting way, it's so b side I don't like it

  4. Jason Booth

    Juan you're right. I think that someone has far reaching as Apple would care more about the progress of innovation and enriching their consumers. That was Steve Jobs orignal goal and somehow they've completely disbanded this mantra.

  5. Mervyn Jordan

    You are in a class by yourself with these reviews, Juan. Seeing that you are in CA, where I have lived for 7 years while working in the music and movie industries, you need to get an agent and become a TV technology correspondent. They will pay you big money for a 5 minutes review. Think about it, brother.

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