Apple iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold ♥ Case Unboxings & Try-Ons

I’m Unboxing 7 different Rose Gold Cases for my new Apple iPhone 7 Plus. That’s 1 for each day of the week! Links to all the cases below!

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Cases Featured in this video:

#1. Tech21 Evo Gem 3-Layer Drop Protection Case in Rose
#2. Comma Swarovski Element Hard Transparent Case
#3. Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 7 Plus in Pink Sand
#4. Meta Slim…

26 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 7 Plus Rose Gold ♥ Case Unboxings & Try-Ons

  1. Emily

    After watching this video, I ordered two of the cases shown 😂 I ordered the tech 21 gem case and the apple silicone case! Look so good on my iPhone 7 plus!! 😍 I'd definitely recommend you getting a tempered glass screen protector! They are really easy to apply too…much easier than the standard screen protectors! Great video! Xxx

  2. Eric Cartman

    I have a CaseMate rose gold 24 karat case and I dropped my 7+ on porcelain tiles FACE DOWN and my phone is safe!! Highly recommend CaseMate cases they are hard shell backing but has a rubber bumper that I'm assuming absorbs shock, plus it's so beautiful and complements the rose gold phone well ❤️

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