Apple vs Android 2016 – iPhone 7 Plus vs Pixel XL

Grab your iPhone 7 Plus Here:
Grab your Pixel XL Here:

Battle of Apple vs Android. Which is the best smartphone of 2016? Both are the best for their respective operating systems, but both are also very pricey. Which would you take?

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38 thoughts on “Apple vs Android 2016 – iPhone 7 Plus vs Pixel XL

  1. k Leon

    I like the iPhone better because I don't really care about customization and I just want something that looks nice and professional. Plus the majority of applications run better on IOS because developers put more effort into iPhone

  2. Joaquin McGee

    I'd have to go with the Google Pixel. For one, no iPhone feels right in my hands. Secondly, I'm an Android guy. And lastly, every review I've watched on the Pixel is really good. Some 8 year iPhone users are claiming it's one of the best phones they have seen in years.

  3. Mark Binder

    I think people are making too much out of the Pixel not being "waterproof."  Truth is that it is still somewhat water "resistant" and there is a video here on YouTube where a guy submerged a Pixel in water for an hour and the only thing that was somewhat damaged was the speaker.  It still worked, but it was very muffled, so who knows what it would be like after it dries out.

  4. Eddy Nelson Lopez

    They both should take a page from Samsung's book when it comes to those horrible bezels… just look at the Note7 for example the screen was 5.7 inches and still was smaller than the iPhone 7 plus with 5.5

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