BE Connected 5 Charging/Sync Cables-3 Ft. USB to 8 pin charger for iPhone 5, 6, 7, iPad Air, Mini, 4th Gen, iPod Touch 5th Gen. Charging Cable Charger Cord. iOS 10+(5)

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-Our cables are the best, and we know this, but we have also focused on figuring out ways in which we can optimize our entire process from start to finish to try and save time and money.

Well, we have succeeded in doing so and have passed down those savings to you!

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Convenient 3 Foot Length.

-Our iPhone/iPod/iPad cable has the ideal length for syncing to your computer and charging in your home, cars, office, and more!

Perfect Fit.

-Will fit with any and all cases.

Don’t Wait Any Longer! Click “Add to Cart” and You Will See Why Everyone Is Choosing To BE Connected Again!★ BE CONNECTED AGAIN ★ We have improved our cables to meet each and every standard to be compatible with the most up to date iOS and any iPhone, iPod, and iPad device with the 8 pin connection.
★ BE ASSURED ★ With a 4 1/2 Star Positive Product Review Rating and a 99% Customer Service Rating, you can’t go wrong with these cables. We stand behind our product!
★ BE FAST ★ We have taken our new cables a step further and tweaked the wiring inside to give you the fastest, most efficient charge available. During testing it has charged an iPhone faster than your basic OEM cable.
★ ALWAYS BE SUPPLIED ★ With 5 cables you will be have plenty spares to share or put around your house and car.
★ BE READY ★ Start each day with the assurance of a full charge overnight. And continue to charge throughout the day wherever you go with our multipack of cables.

Discounted Price – $5.80

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