Best Cell Phone Plans for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!

BEST Cell Phone Plans for the NEW iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!!!

The Verizon Plan:
Total Wireless:
AT&T Mobile Share Advantage Plan:
Cricket Wireless:
Sprint Better Choice Plan:…

33 thoughts on “Best Cell Phone Plans for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!

  1. xSava

    Hey, I'm planning to do the iPhone upgrade program me and my mum. $41.83 for both of us is $83.16 and we will activate it on post paid and then use it on pre paid equal to $150. Would appreciate what carrier could work for us. Right now TPO mobile has very good deals and I also like UltraMobiles plan along with GoPhone.

  2. jahida

    @stetson doggget, I have tmobile now but I have been planning to switch to different carrier plus I m going to order iPhone 7 so which carrier should I choose ??

  3. Ashar Ahmed (AsharTech)

    The iPhone Upgrade Program gives unlocked devices, they only ask for your carrier info when you go there to ensure you get the right model and such, and you are free to switch carriers as your phone agreement is with Apple not with the carriers.

  4. hotnhorny

    If you decide to buy from Apple and pay full price, purchase the Verizon version and make sure they don't activate it (highly likely they wont if you pay full price). It is fully unlocked with GSM + CDMA antenna which can be used on any network! That's what I did. I thought I had to wait for the SIM Free version but its the same as the Verizon or Sprint iPhone, just includes a SIM with it and no price difference. I bought the iPhone 7 outright and have T-Mobile's $30 plan which is the best way to go!

  5. Joel Harbin

    The thing you have to be careful about is (and it's on apple's website) if you buy the factory unlocked iPhone, it won't work on Sprint. And if you buy the Sprint iPhone, it won't work on any other carrier, except for it's resellers (Ringplus, Boost, Virgin, ect.).

  6. heatism

    best thing to do is buy t-mobile unlocked and get on the $30 100min 5gigs plan! I love this plan! I use google hangouts for a major chunk of my phone calls and 5 gigs is awesome!

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