Best New Vlogging Camera – iPhone 7 – Vlog 11

Best New Vlogging Camera – iPhone 7 – Vlog
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20 thoughts on “Best New Vlogging Camera – iPhone 7 – Vlog 11

  1. Rubik Himaduna

    I enjoyed your vlog! Did you use any app for shooting this (FilMic Pro) or anything similiar?
    And what about the sound quality, is it native or you recorded it with a seperate mic?
    P.S-I am also surprised from the stabilization this video has, any gimbals used?

  2. Brandon Barta

    hello! I just discovered your channel and am in love with it! I've wanted to start a YouTube channel forever but all of my YouTubers I've been following all have really expensive cameras and things. it was really nice to fund someone who vlogs from something as common as an iPhone and see it look like an expensive camera! thank you so much! you have inspired me!
    PS. feel free to do a video on your editing routine! or if you know a place where I can learn to edit it would be greatly appreciated! thanks again!:)

  3. Ninja Mods

    I Saw you're comment on syndicates video and you're channel is pretty sweet, I can tell that you spend a lot of time in editing the vlogs… anyway I subscribed keep up the work :)

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