Can an iPhone 7 Survive From a Space Drop Test? (100,000 FT)

I built a weather balloon kit and decided to send a brand new iPhone 7 while its recording into space without any case/protection.

There ended up being a massive jet stream from launch site so the iPhone traveled approx. 3 hours away and it took us another 3 hours to hike onto unknown mountains to retrieve this thing.

If anyone has any idea why the iPhone randomly shut off and stopped recording in space before it even reached burst altitude (100,000 ft.), comment below! It was a 128GB…

37 thoughts on “Can an iPhone 7 Survive From a Space Drop Test? (100,000 FT)

  1. Jesus Aquino

    What happen to the phone was that it had been exposed to the thin and cold air and that it would mess up the phone as cause the inner phone to freeze, people say it's not gonna break in space well guess again, a phone can't survive a really cold temperature, it's like staying in the deepest cold ocean, or other thing that have happen is, it just stopped recording because most phones stop in a certain time 

  2. Chillu Pari

    Last 2 minutes before iPhone shut off were beautiful, it was almost entering space. It would've been wonderful if you can do this again, this time in VR 360. Now, that's what I would call AMAZING.

  3. edgar clotier

    the iphone has stopped recording by what we call in french "rayonnement cosmique". this is some radiation that are in the space only because the earth protect us from it. the cpu of all satellite are protected with a very special cassing but your iphone not.

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