Canon G7X mark II Vs Iphone 7 Plus – Gaskings VLOG Test

G7X Mark II, Which is said to be the best youtube vlogging camera, I get hands on with a field test and comparison between the Canon G7X Mark II and my new Iphone 7 Plus. Me and my daughter VLOG our trip to Mcdonalds and down the beach and aswell as reviewing both you can also hear the difference between having a Micromuff installed (a Windshield) for the canon g7x mark ii sound comparisons with it on and off. I hope you enjoy my first VLOG and field test with the G7X Mk 2 for this new…

50 thoughts on “Canon G7X mark II Vs Iphone 7 Plus – Gaskings VLOG Test

  1. Nicholas Furbish

    Sadly the I Phone looked better! I am an android fan but the picture on the I Phone was really good! The G7X bleached out most of the colors but had better sound with the fuzzy windscreen. I found myself turning up the volume every time the I Phone was featured. This may be nitpickie but the I phone had a very harsh zoom. Now very smooth. Love your channels!

  2. NGun24

    canon had better sound but the iPhone 7 had better quality out of focus. the canon was very bright but it didnt look like it was in focus so probably why. btw looking forward to blogs this was a good video

  3. FukBoi

    after watching top gear for 2 hours straight I now have "bugger" stuck in my vocabulary system, so whenever I'm ticked off i say "bugger off" this is why I love British people!

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