Charger Dock for iPhone GHB Desk Charger Station with Charger Cable for iPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6S /6 Plus/5/5S/5C

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◆Specifically design for iPhone or iPod Touch! Looks fab sitting on a table, very contemporary.
◆It can simultaneously charge and sync data (includes a USB cable to connect to your computer).
◆The connector is flexible inside the stand, which prevents damage to the phone’s charging connection.
◆Compatible iPhone 7/7 Plus / 6/ 6S/ 5S /5. The balance is good and is maintained even with larger phones such as an iPhone 6 Plus.
◆Charging at the office, in kitchen, bedroom, etc. perfect accessory for any space.
◆Short-circuit and over-current protection.
◆Comfortable viewing angle.

Desktop Docking Station

Why it comes up with “unsupported accessory” message and doesn’t work? Answer:
1. Poor contact. Make sure the lightning connector is clean and connected properly.
2. Insufficient power supply.
A. Plug in the back usb port when working on PC.
B. Plug in the other usb port when working on Laptop.
C. If use the adapter, try to use another adapter.

Please try to change the usb socket when your phone shows a message that this dock charger is not certified or not compatible, and wait about one minute.
Please remove the case off your iPhone in case it’s too thick
All the GHB products you have bought, if you receive the item with any problems, please contact us at the first time, you will get the best after-service.
High Quality, Portable and Convenient : charging in the office or at home Desktop charging dock makes charging easier than ever.
Quickly charges your Apple Mobile Device,Sync and charge your phone at the same time
Compatible with Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus /6S /6S Plus/6/6 Plus/5/5S/5C and iPod touch (5th generation). If you find the charging dock doesn’t work, maybe your case is too thick, please take off the case from your phone temporally when you charge
Flexible: when you finish charging please tilt forward or backward to Prevent Damage the Connector
Aesthetic and ornamental, connects to your laptop or PC with built-in USB cable. Silver gives it aristocratic temperament

Discounted Price – $49.68

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