Dropping the iPhone 7 Plus From The World’s Tallest Building (829 meters)

I dropped the new jet black iPhone 7 Plus from the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. A 2,717 ft. drop test.




49 thoughts on “Dropping the iPhone 7 Plus From The World’s Tallest Building (829 meters)

  1. Lattica

    Несподівано було почути українську мову від авторів)) У вас дуже гарна промова, ніколи б не подумала що ви мої земляки)) Дуже хотілось би щоб ви краштестнули Samsung A7 2017 року, бо хочу собі нового телефона, але гадаю що він легко б'ється на задньому склі(( Дякую за шалені відео))

  2. John Homes

    Fkn idiot, this was too far in the stupidity ladder, biggest waste of time, you didn't even find the phone and now you got me worried if that phone hit someone on the way down, or if it exploded and phone shrapnel hit someone, think before you do something like that, to be honest i think you've had your run and should stop making youtube vids

  3. Wan Asyraf

    weird continental people.Off course that damn thing will damaged falling from that height.The title make everybody obviously curious what will happen to the "Iphone" although 70% audiences surely known the aftermath (30% that failed in physic subject)-Including me curious as hungry cat

  4. It's CrisSkiis

    You're a fucking idiot, you really are. You get tons of views, you make a crapload of money, you waste it on technology but then you destroy it. Wtf is wrong with you? Do you know how hard it is to make a phone you can swipe on? Really, Really Hard! I know this is YouTube and you can fucking make whatever content you like but this is just playing stupid. Imagine it's a 10 Year Old's Birthday, he was gonna get IPhone 7 for a gift, but he couldn't, because all the phones on this planet are sold out, and wasted because you just destroy fucking expensive technology for fucking views.

    Please Shut Down your fucking channel you fucking abomination of Time & Space.

  5. Hi

    lets see so a penny that u drop from the cn tower can do through someones skull this is taller then the cn tower and it was an iphone 7 which is heavier then a penny your lucky that didnt hit someone

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