Exploding Note 7’s and the Upcoming iPhone 7

Reports of exploding batteries in Samsung’s latest device, the Galaxy Note 7, have been surfacing over the last week. Today, Samsung officially recalled the devices to fix the issue. We talk about that and the upcoming announcement of the iPhone 7 in today’s Stat of Tech News.

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12 thoughts on “Exploding Note 7’s and the Upcoming iPhone 7

  1. Brian M

    I've my Note7, Exynos version, 10 days, absolutely no issues, in fact probably the coolest phone temperature wise I've ever had, even when fast charging, warming is minimal. I reckon I don't have one of the bad ones at this point but just for peace of mind I'll be picking up a replacement in 10 days from the Samsung Store. I must say Samsung have handled it very well, not wasting time and putting the customer first before profit. With such a low rate of failure some companies might have told customers "they're charging it wrong" :)

  2. Samb wague

    At least Samsung is brave enough to address this battery issue. Apple,
    on the other, is denying their "touch disease" affecting Iphone 6 and
    6s. Apple with these billions of dollar has the audacity to charge us
    $300 to fix this so-called screen problem. Big sham on Apple. Software
    is buggy, service sucks, quality control went down the drain, and they
    are getting greedier and greedier with nothing new. when you become big,
    you simply become arrogant and loose it. So the same consumers who
    brought you up, will bring you down. I am done with Apple man. Samsung,
    even though you are big, you are doing a fantastic job caring about your
    customers. You will always get my hard earned dollars unless you become
    greedy and careless like my one time friend Apple.

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