Galaxy Note 7 sales return, iPhone 7 cost to build & more – Pocketnow Daily

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39 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 7 sales return, iPhone 7 cost to build & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. Bhim Tamang

    if the Iphone 7 cost $225 build. What is the build price of junk Google Pixel, approx round 120, then why they r charging same price rate for Piece of Junk Pixel n Pixel XL as IPhone 7 n 7 plus, even they r not big brand like apple n samsung in smartphone.

  2. Dennis Fluttershy

    But here you're only looking at the material cost and ignores everything else: (2:10)
    • production
    • staff
    • advertising
    • software
    • storage/logistics
    • shipment

    Just looking at the cost of the ingredients for the cake will not give you a fair price for the full cake.

  3. Miguel Fernandez

    I never had a problem with my 1st Note 7 and even charged it to 100% every day but I kept getting warnings on my screen telling me to turn it, in so I did. I got the replacement and it's just as good. Very happy With Samsung

  4. MorningBear E

    I have mine. Once again i went with the blue . I have to say that I think the new battery life is better. Two days without charging. 😀 as for the heating, ? Well. . It's not hot. But then again, I never had any problems with the charging on my note 7, but I did feel the overwhelming heating when it was just being in my purse, without any apps on. Extremely hot! ! ( Picked up mine on Thursday 22nd.) Oh!!! For those of you who are with Verizon mobile, …. keep your box. I must say, I am very happy. … I have a total of 3 chargers, and 3 S pen, and all the little things that came with the note7. FYI. …. VERIZON DO NOT WANT YOU TO KEEP THE NEW BOX FROM THE PHONE'S !!! But I appealed to the law, and they gave me mine!!! Just in case something happens to your new phone, keep your box. 

  5. Tanachart Ralsiripong

    I still keep Note 7 that bought from Hong Kong, very good traceability system. SO far it has been very good for me… smart and fast charging …. phone battery last long ……it a big challenge to take the lead of new lithium ion battery ,,, light and more capacity..

  6. John Mcdougald

    I'll stay with my Note5 and maybe go with a Note8 after they come out IF the capabilities are really improved beyond what my current Note5 already does well. Either way, I will always stay with a pen based phone as long as they make them.

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