Galaxy Note 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro Comparison

In this video we put the ultimate FoodStamp phone up against what samsung claims is the best Note ever.
So $99 or $999 lets see what’s up.
Galaxy Note 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

links for ZMax Pro and note 7 below

Note 7

ZMax Pro

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49 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 7 vs ZTE ZMax Pro Comparison


    at this point samsung need to go back to the table and come up with a "WOW" device…. don't just come out with a higher number device and just the camera pixels being updated and charging $1000 for d phone… I've been with Verizon, note 3, contract, sprint, note 5, contract, left and now I am with metro PC's, no contract. zte zmax pro, awesome phone, with no problems with service, best move , paying much less per month for basically same service…. contract carriers are overrated and rip offs….

  2. Evens Baptiste

    man please the max pro is a piece of shit compared to the note 7. The display camera record in 4k. More ram 3d pictures the list goes on. I mean the max pro is good for the price but compared to the note 7 no there's no comparison.

  3. spafro101

    Add an Amoled screen, a little bit of a better camera, front facing speakers, nfc, maybe even a ir blaster and the zmax pro would be the better phone. Add 150 bucks with those features. And everyone will still by this phone.

  4. Nighttimeradio Bro

    You compared the discounted rate of the Zmax to the retail price on the Samsung, not really fair. The Zmax retails at $179, you can get it as low as $39 if you port your number over. I am pretty sure you can get a Note 7 for less than $900 if you port your number or whatever. So the zmax is a $179 phone. Still, even with my $30 plan and with the tax, I got it for $84 out the door. So it depends each person from store to store, some of them charge an activation fee, etc.

  5. Chris Mckenzie

    Have had my Zmax Pro for about a month and I absolutely love it. Just overall a great product. I actually don't look at it as a food stamp phone. I see others locked into 2 year contracts for a flagship device that's slightly better, and smaller, and I laugh. Go pay those extra data fees and not be able enjoy the device without WiFi. I cruise around and watch video whenever I want for 60 bucks a month in style.

  6. Icy_ Hyoudou

    the ZTE ZMAX Pro is a really good device for the money. sure, it has a rear facing speaker and sure, the Note 7 being a Samsung, has that premium price tag. but someone has to shit on the Note 7 for exploding
    the ZMAX Pro doesn't explode bc it's plastic
    it would melt under the same defects
    look at my pfp
    it's so cute!

  7. Bill L (MetroPCS)

    What is the point of cursing so much in your videos? Is it really necessary? You are posting a review on a public forum, a bit of professionalism goes a long way towards being a respected and sought after reviewer.

  8. Angel Roman (Aones Carpentry)

    love my zmax pro, almost a month now and no issues… it's a well built phone but I recommend a case and tempered glass, the device has a huge screen that looks great with gorilla glass 3, but I personally worry about without protecting… thanks for the video✌

  9. Joseph Wayne

    Having used the ZMax Pro for a month I would feel robbed spending an extra $800 for the Note 7. Yes… yes… the Note performs better but $800 better? Hell no. I am very happy with my decision.

  10. Tom Brennan

    Thanks for the comparison. Just got the Note 7 and I'm very underwhelmed. The Note 7 is obscenely overpriced for what it is, really not liking me curved screen in conjunction with the S Pen. Ordered a ZMax Pro for my new secondary phone and can't wait to try it out. Thanks for the heads up. On a side note ( and please don't take this the wrong way), the music on your videos lately is really distracting and annoying. Would much prefer if it was just you talking. Just my two cents.

  11. F. Rose

    Zmax Pro is the best budget phone for the price definitely. Note7 has the best display and that s-pen. Note7 needs to come down about a $150 in price tho. Great comparison video! Later

  12. andyH_England

    You have to remember that Samsung on release grossly overcharge for their phones as they have a loyal fan base that will pay the rip off prices. But give it three months or less and once they have squeezed their fan base they will flood resellers with cheap phones. The s7 and S7 Edge are now around £225 less than launch in the U.K. and have been a while. That is still making them good profits and is the true price, however they know the fans will pay whatever so they make stacks on the early adopters. That is why second hand Samsung's are way below iPhones. Anyway opening apps and RAM management is great on even £100 phones now so the N7 will appear fast doing simple stuff like the ZTE. The true test is can the N7 handle intensive tasks as its chipset suggests, and that is a big no. I suspect it is to do with making it so small and water resistance it will heat up the components very quickly and Samsung then uses intrusive thermal throttling to stop the phone burning out…

  13. Deebo Guwop

    I put my Note 7 through a lot of multitasking testing when i first got it because that was the only issue i had with the Note 5. i had 8 apps open and none of them closed. Thats a really nice improvement compared to only having 3-4 apps before and the first one would close. (Note 5)

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