Gold iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Unboxing!

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37 thoughts on “Gold iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Unboxing!

  1. Tanner Cayton

    Picking mine up tomorrow. Super excited. Got black originally and the wait time was over a month, so I found a Gold 128GB Plus at my local apple store so I'm going with that. Great video man.

  2. Erica Payne

    you can use wireless headphones without getting rid of the headphone jack. i have both wireless and regular headphones and the headphone jack comes in handy when the battery on the wireless runs out or if i forget them. being different doesnt always mean being better. clearly. apple wanted to do something different by removing the head phone jack (while not supplying wireless headphones to encourage the use of them but at the same time inadvertently doing so since you cant charge ur phone while using the headphones) and failed spectacularly. they created a phone not worth its price point. you might as well buy a computer instead of this smart phone. or any other smart phone. dont get me wrong i do like aspects of apple phones and own both an Android and an apple phone, but never would i pay that money just to have the "new thing". but thats just me. think of all the things u could buy with $900.. if someone gave you that much you wouldnt turn it down, so why give it away to a company who is just gonna make you need a new one in two years??

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