Hands On: Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus, with its zoom camera, gives iPhone fans a reason to pick the big one.

Read our preview of the iPhone 7 Plus right here!

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32 thoughts on “Hands On: Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus

  1. CalvinCrack

    this is the first person i've heard comment that the AirPods are not Bluetooth. I had hoped that they were not as i have misgivings about keeping that tech so close to my brain. I'm hoping for reports that the airpods are a less intense signal

  2. SideWayz

    I have the S7, Im trading that bitch in for the iPhone 7 Plus. For 3 reasons only.
    1) They got rid of that lowlight shit that Samsung has.
    2) The txting is just amazing.
    3) Its fucking beautiful
    With All Samsungs, the txting is always fucking up. Spelling shit i dont mean to say, then i have to explain why i said the shit they thought i said which at times gets me in trouble damn it

  3. VetteMan Vettious

    I returned my Note 7, and I'm getting the iPhone 7 Plus. The Notes battery issue has destroyed my trust in it, even though I feel it's the better phone.

    Samsung should just go to the Note 8, and leave the 7 alone.

  4. Naanu Loper

    dual front facing speakers ?????? where … one each on your nipples ????? … dude the speakers are at fucking bottom of the phone … damn how do such morons get invited to apple events ????? .. facepalm !!!!

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