Honor 8 vs iPhone 7 and Note 7 SPEED TEST!

The Honor 8 is a spec power house with the Huawei built Kirin 950 CPU and 4GB of Ram it should be able to hold its own against more popular flagship devices. How well does the $400 budget phone stack up against the likes of the Note 7 and iPhone 7? In this video we match all three phones against one another in a Speed Test.

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29 thoughts on “Honor 8 vs iPhone 7 and Note 7 SPEED TEST!

  1. Carot

    Erm, I do not think you know this, but Honor 8 is the best phone out right now and iPhone is the worst. Loading apps is just a test, if you try closing and open the phone, it takes 5 seconds for iphone to close and 1 sec for honor 8 to close. This just makes me upset, it takes 8 sec to start honor 8 and it takes 24 sec for iphone to load up. We all just know right now that u are supporting iPhone to max. Actually it wasnt a good idea to speed up. I dont think you know EMUI and MarshMallow that much tho. But still, good video!

  2. supaahflyy

    I have a feeling the note 7 is worse at multitasking than the S7edge. i nearly always have all my apps open on my S7edge and barely ever need to load again like in this video for the note lol

  3. JZ VR

    iPhones load images of the apps first that's why they seem to switch so fast between apps, you have to wait till the app is running to switch to the next one.

  4. Slash310579

    The iphone just opens up a screenshot of the game in the memory management round, you have to wait a second to see when the app continues and is actually useable and only then press on the home button.

  5. bL33d77

    well my note 7 is unfortunately going back in a day or 2 and I await my iphone7+ which looks like Nov until they'll be able to ship me one 🙁 this note 7 debacle really sucked

  6. Blake Truax

    Funny the Honor 8 is the only phone that I would swap my note 7 for but I don't have the cash to throw down $400 dollars today. I've had a budget with my AT&T upgrades already factored in for years now and yes it fluctuates but I'm used to it and that was the plan from the start when I started researching for my 2016 upgrade. Everything that any AT&T store within a 50 mile radius has to offer in their stock is all a downgrade. And why would I want an S7 edge now when the S8 will be announced in February. You know they'll be doing what they can at that point to gain back customer trust. Sure the honor 8 isn't as feature rich as a note (what phone is?) but for the price and that sleek style I'd snatch that thing in a heartbeat if at&t had it on their shelves.

  7. andyH_England

    It could be argued that Samsung have stopped making the Note 7 due to its woeful performance in speed tests, where it should at least beat phones that cost half its price. I never expect it to beat the iphone 7 as that is for people that value performance, where as the Note is for those that like pretty phones. The SD820 is a terrible chip, so slow at doing just simple app opening where as the Exynos sucks at RAM management. Surely if Apple can do both much much better with half the RAM, the most expensive 64gb phone ever, the N7 should? Just a thought for all the Samsung fans that will blame screen resolution (makes no difference).

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