I Tried Android for the First Time

Our video editor, Andrew Evers, decided it was time to ditch his iPhone 6 Plus and take the Android-powered Nexus 6p for a spin.

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28 thoughts on “I Tried Android for the First Time

  1. Rick Terscale

    This would have to be the most annoying, the most monotonous vlog I have ever heard.
    If you don't know your passwords that's your fault. Not Android!
    That's 5 mins 49 secs of my life I'll never get back….

  2. DaClasher

    iPhone sheep uses android like an IOS phone… If he knew how to root his phone, he'd be sold on it forever. Also, I would personally prefer LG, Oneplus and Google Pixel over nexus. I bet he will ditch iPhone permanently as soon as he buys his first own android.

  3. Billy Reynolds

    0:21 You're 10 yrs old!?!?! Holy shit! How did you grow that stubble?!
    3:15 That's because Apple operates a walled garden, they always have and now they're even worse taking away the headphone socket so they can charge anyone wanting to make headphones more as they have to use the lightning port and have to pay a fee to Apple to do so.

  4. Tyler Marolda

    There is no real reason for an android. The amount of features an android has that my iPhone does not is a number small enough to be counted on one hand. For all of the software features apple does not support themselves, i simply jailbroke my phone, allowing me to do anything an android can do as well as many things they cannot. To break it down i'll give my personal list of pros and cons for apple versus android.

    Numerous apps release first or are only on IOS
    Prefer how it looks
    More customization
    A simpler os that requires less work to set up, and is easier to work with
    More reliable in my experience in terms of crashing
    Better mic quality
    Seems to run faster, under the same connection (tests conducted vs. my friends concurrent gen androids)

    Some models have superior cameras and screen resolution
    Swappable battery

    There are numerous common "problems" with the iPhones that i find are only rumor, or don't apply to everyday life, such as "android has longer battery". I find this claim to be wholly inaccurate. My iPhone frequently outlives my friends' androids, which are used for the same tasks throughout the school day. And this matter is also irrelevent, as i carry a portable charger on me at pretty much all times. Another is "iPhones are more likely to shatter" while this may be true, in all the iPhones i have owned, not a single one shows even a sign of wear. This may be because I am cautious and take good care of my devices, but for me personally it is no issue. One last common issue is "iPhones can't do anything software wise". This may hold some truth for a base model iPhone, but it has a reason behind it. iPhones base os is made to be simple and easy to understand, with the basics being intuitive and very easy to understand (why often young children or elderly use apple devices). Since i am a fairly tech savvy individual, and wanted more functionality, i just downloaded a jailbreak and this allows my phone to surpass even an android in terms of customization. For these reasons, i prefer the iPhone over android platform (although i would never touch a mac… horrid platform for a gamer). Feel free to reply with your thoughts on my opinions!

  5. Loreta

    At the moment im using Apple Iphone, but i can't decide should i buy a new iphone or buy any android phone. The reason why i want apple is just because it is handy and doesn't complicate life. I used android like 3 years ago.The thing i like about android phones is that, that you can use SD card which gives you more storage. Any opinions? Help ?

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