Incipio Reprieve Sport Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review


The Incipio Reprieve Case is great for those looking for a clear case but drop their iPhone a lot. The padding corners and ribbed edges provide more protection than most clear cases and, at least from what I see, makes your iPhone look like a football player.

Made mostly of rubber, it passed my scratch test without any issues, unless you’re purposely digging at it with a sharp object.

Otherwise, since the cases edges are quite thick, it doesn’t fit the…

20 thoughts on “Incipio Reprieve Sport Case for iPhone 7 Plus – Review

  1. Christopher Smith

    I've seen in another review that the back has some type of a coating on it….does the back have a different feeling from other clear PC back cases (like the Spigen Ultra Hybrid)? Clear PC is slippery at times but if your hand has a bit of moisture, there is some tackiness to it…is this the same? Thanks man; that blue border on the black phone looks awesome!

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