iPhone 5/5C on iOS 10.0.2 App Load Time, Safari and Graphics Performance

Let’s check out the app load time and performance on the latest version of iOS 10 – iOS 10.0.2

We launch some graphic intensive apps, check out raw numbers and Safari speed

Let’s check out the speeds of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S running iOS 10.0.1. And of course, we’re going to compare them side by side

iPhone 6s vs iPhone 7 features, upgrades and app launching speed test. Overall animations and fluidity on iOS 10 is amazing but there are minor differences.

Check out all iPhone 7…

17 thoughts on “iPhone 5/5C on iOS 10.0.2 App Load Time, Safari and Graphics Performance

  1. hitman535353

    how come i have the same phone but with this upgrade some time when i get a call they cant hear me or i cant hear them but once i turn the phone off with the home and power button then it works but it well mess up again randomly

  2. Davemac1116

    Never is there a review on browser speed, opening in between apps. Is the hardware running iOS 10 impacted at all in terms of overall functionality and speed, in comparison to previous iOS update ?

  3. גיא דלריה

    Good video and yes I want to see more videos about iOS 10 on iPhone 5/5C and please review how the keyboard speed and type on iOS 10 if it's laggy and all that. You always do amazing videos and I love you iOS 10 video especially on iPhone 5C an Older device.

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