iPhone 6 Case, iPhone 6s Case Orange Blue SaharaCase [Bonus Tempered Glass Screen Protector] Shock-Absorption TPU Rubber Bumper Reinforced Hard Plastic Frame for Apple 6/6s 4.7″ (Orange Blue)

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Designed for people with an active lifestyle that require the very best protection for their iPhone 6/6s.

Rugged protection against heavy drops and impacts, without bulk and extra weight.

SaharaCase iPhone 6/6s Case is manufactured from rubberized TPU and solid PU plastic materials for a premium feel and high grip finish. The only cases designed by cell phone repair engineers to offer ultra robust, rugged protection for your iPhone 6/6s, while remaining super lightweight and ultra thin!

Broken cracked screens account for 90% of reported phone accidents, and that’s an expensive and very inconvenient repair. While most Apple iPhone 6/6s cases use cheap plastic screen protectors, our premium iPhone 6/6s Cover includes a tough, tempered glass screen protector for protection against impact and scratches while providing a smooth, glass finish without reducing touch performance or screen quality.

With precision cut outs for easy access to side buttons and ports and a professional camera hood, our Sahara Case offers better contrast and colors for improved images!

Our Sahara Case is a premium, durable case with a number of key benefits:

– Manufactured from rubberised TPU and hard PC plastic.
– Includes a tempered glass screen protector with lifetime guarantee.
– Precision edge cut outs for easy button and port access.
– Stunning range of colors including Orange Blue.
– Professional rear camera hood enhances photos for better imaging.

If you’re tired of bulky, heavy cases and would like a durable, rugged case with a premium feel and thin design with a tempered glass iPhone 6/6s screen protector, our Sahara Case is the perfect choice!

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SAHARA CASE; forget cheap, bulky cases for iPhone 6/6s, our Sahara Case offers ultra rugged protection from impacts, drops and scratches with a lightweight, ultra thin design, perfect for sports and outdoor use, whether hiking, jogging or cycling
RUGGED PROTECTION; designed by iPhone repair experts, our iPhone 6/6s Cover is manufactured from rubberised TPU and solid PU plastic, for excellent protection against large drops and impacts, a high grip texture and an ultra premium finish that wont easily break
TEMPERED GLASS SCREEN PROTECTOR; forget thin plastic films, our Sahara Case includes a tempered glass iPhone 6 screen protector for outstanding protection against scratches without reducing touch sensitivity or distorting colors, for durable protection and a premium glass finish
GREAT COLORS; available in a range of modern, ultra fashionable, vibrant colors including, Orange and Blue that wont fade as with other, cheaper iPhone 6 cases
PROFESSIONAL CAMERA HOOD; our iPhone 6/6s Case includes a rear camera hood, designed and tested by imaging professionals for correct light levels, better contrast and brighter, more vibrant images! Click the Orange Button to order now

Discounted Price – $21.99

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