iPhone 6 in 2017 – Is It Still Good?

The iPhone 6 has been out a couple years now and so we take a look back and see how it compares to the iPhone 7 and if iOS 10 works well on it.

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40 thoughts on “iPhone 6 in 2017 – Is It Still Good?

  1. EruYagami

    Battery life sucks on an 2 years old and daily used iPhone 6 with iOS 10.x. I didn't make it from morning till evening without charging it in the meanwhile. I didn't so much care for speed, iOS in general is pretty fast, but I upgraded to 7Plus for a much better battery life.

  2. ˈÄrchön ˈSābər


    I was forced to trade in my iPhone 6 after it had major issues with the iOS 10, 10.1 and 10.2 updates. The battery indicator would go from 100% to 30% to being dead 0%. It worked fine whilst on iOS 9.3.5.

    I'm using the 7 Plus with 10.2 and seem very satisfied with it esp. the battery life.

  3. dynamn

    the 8 minutes video doesn't even hit the point. the 2 phones make big difference. the iPhone 6 today will run out of its breath when it does hardcore apps or multi-tasking. that is because 6s and 7 have doubled the ddr3 ram

  4. Guitarist Profesional

    I use iPhone 6S on iOS 10.2, it still works and looks like a new one. I think there is no much difference in performance compared with iPhone 7, apple haven't improved much this year. I guess it was good buy deal when i got it month before year 2016. Only thing i noticed on my screen was two tiny hair like cracks, which you cant feel with a finger or a nail, you can see it slightly when phone screen is off with correct lighting. No new cracks appeard in more than half year. I guess i got it like that… or maybe the glass just worked its intension in that way. I wouldnt replace it even for free, maybe new one would do worse after some time

  5. Uegene Dyalnburke

    ios 10 is shit . mostly they change the user interface here and there and call it a new update! dafuck apple? improve bugs ,speed ,performance and shit . we dont want new user interface bitch . we wanna use the fucking phone with maximum ease and stability .

  6. Aaron Domanais

    the fact that using the iPhone 6 today which is still efficient without much sacrifices proves that getting a newer model doesn't sell it to me, the latest aren't that much of an innovation. hoping the best for the 10th anniversary device.

  7. Surrealism

    I am using the 6 in space gray, 16gb
    For me it's pretty good. It's smooth and snappy, battery lasts for 1-2 days depends how I use it.
    For me the newest iPhones are way too expensive but actually I don't mind because older Iphones just like the 6 or 6 Plus are sill good devices. If you are wondering if it is a good idea to buy it the answer is it IS. Unless you are a geek and you want to open instagram 2 seconds faster than your friend

  8. BuIlDaLiBlE

    I hate iOS 10. I want to get an SE (coming from 4S – never experienced 4 inch plus I like smaller phone that actually FITS in the pocket) – I hope I'll get one with iOS 9.

  9. woo woo yu

    no offence but the iPhone 6 and 6S series are the most ugly iPhone ever because of the lines on the back and weird protruded camera module, WTF! they modify it on the iPhone7 and they are so much better. But all new iPhone are buggy as hell, no more iPhone for me in the future.

  10. A7x

    I bought an iPhone 6 in late 2016. Don't laugh, but it's still pretty fast. This was my switch from Android to my first iPhone. I'm very glad with its speed and stability. I never really used any of the extras features on my Android phone.

    So, as of now, my iPhone 6 still runs smooth and quick on iOS 10.2. I love iOS 10 BUT I loved the Notification Center on iOS 9

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