iphone 6 still worth it in 2016?

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The iphone 6 came out almost 2 years ago, and it’s getting around the time where people are getting ready to upgrade their phone, so is the iphone 6 still worth it in 2016? Watch the video to find out! Also a quick note, the iphone 6 is obviously going to get ios 10 but it will be hard to say when it is going to stop getting updates, I will say that the iphone 6s will probably get updates for a…

50 thoughts on “iphone 6 still worth it in 2016?

  1. Ice Inducer

    That is iPhone 6 Plus not the regular 6. Because you put too much effort just to hold comfortably that iPhone. iPhone 6 is a bit smaller than iPhone 6 plus so this review is incorrect you should change the title.

  2. KN

    isent it funny how i was looking at buying a iphone 6 for a month then chose to buy a samsung s7 in the last day, and thats what i am on now 😀

  3. solegemini03

    Guys, please help me decide.I live in Asia so I converted the prices here just to give you an idea:
    Iphone 6 128gb = $405
    Iphone SE 64gb = $449
    Galaxy S7 = $544
    Iphone 6S 32gb = $649
    Iphone 7 32gb = $699

    Iphone 6 seems to be a good deal for me but is it worth it? If not, which of these would you recommend? Will be using it for atleast 1.5 years & i am not a heavy user (i don't play games on my phone, just social media stuff) I'm coming from an LG G4 which is still good but i will be giving it to my wife since I need a handy phone.

  4. Sup

    It's still a good phone imo I'm using the 64gb. Just wish it came in rose gold. Love that new color. Aside from that tho, I don't think I'm missing much.

  5. sdq sdq

    why so expensive ? lol because the first user know you guys will pay top dollars for a 1 gig phone , if you are stuck in IOS closed ecosystem , what other choice you have ?

  6. epicboy69

    I have a 64GB iphone 6 for almost 2 years and it's still a perfectly capable phone. I don't plan to upgrading until at least the iphone 7s (or8) comes out.
    And then again it depends… as of right now I prefer the 6 over the 6s or even the 7 as it's slightly thinner, lighter and overall imo a sleeker phone.

  7. The Pokémon Go master

    I have the 6 and I tell my parents that I need the 6s plus because it is slow I watch YouTube make a lot of reports for school and it freezes a lot and the home button works sometimes and Touch ID is broken I told Apple they told me to send it to them and I did and they sent it saying it had water damage and I always have a waterproof case on in

  8. TechnoDeus

    Awesome video man! Keep making them! Also, I got a 32GB iPhone 6s when 7 came out because it got a lot cheaper and the storage increased. Do you think it was a good decision and the phone will last me another 4 years? Also, I need about 30 apps (most of them small and under 60mb and a few about 200mb), about 200 songs and about 300 photos. Do you think 32 gigs will be enough?

  9. Ané Gerber

    Thank you so much for making this video. I'm receiving one for free from a family member in about three months and I was a bit concerned because I didn't know if it would be worth it. luckily it's the 120 GB version. thanks again

  10. XxAl3xPlaysXx 199

    You get a new sub. :)…Also I want to buy a new phone in september and i can't decide between this devices:S6 edge and iphone 6 …I don't have so much money ,but i m waiting for low price for 6…it worth it in 15 september and do you think it will cost some around 400-450 €?

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