iPhone 6s Case, ZVE Multifunctional Cigarette Lighter Cover for iPhone 6/6s Built-in Cigarette Lighter/bottle Opener/ Camera Stable Tripod Case (Black)

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ZVE? 4-in-1 Multifunctional Case Built-in Cigarette Lighter/ Bottle Opener/ Tripod Screw-hole for iPhone 6/6s (4.7inch) Features:

If you always forget to take or lose your lighter or opener, do not be hesitate to buy this USEFUL 4-IN-1 HYBRID. It is more than a shockproof protective case, but also a bottle opener, a cigarette case, and support fixing a tripod/stand — amazing and useful for camping or parties.

The Lighter Features:
?Input: 3.8~5V?1.5A
?Lighter Material:?Heating?coil
?Lifespan: 8000~10000 times

Important Reminder:
? About the charging, when the battery volt is lower than 3.2 V, the heating coil doesn’t work. You can use USB?cable?(comes?with?the?case)?to?connect?the?case?with a?power?bank or your computer to charge it for about 1.6 hours, then it is fully charged.
? When the cigarette lighter doesn’t work, it may be the Intelligent Fire Lock is locked. Please try to push the button continuously and quickly for 3 times then you can unlock it.
? IMPORTANT: 4.7inch CASE IS FOR iPhone 6/6s, 5.5inch CASE IS FOR iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus

Buy ZVE case with the peace of mind that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed:
? 1-Year Warranty
? Passionate 5.0 star rated customer support

Package Included: 1 * Case, 1 * USB Cable (Kindly reminder: tripod is not included with the case)▶ NOTE: Only products ‘Sold by ZVE ‘ is authentic. You can enjoy Prime Service and Product Warranty only from ZVE store. Please pay attention to choose the right store before you order. Thanks
▶Bottle Opener — Sturdy enough to open bottles for many many times. It will not definitely damage the case or your phone.
▶Support Fixing Tripod — A standard screw-hole built-in for fixing your tripod or stand to take videos and photos. (Kindly reminder: tripod is not included with the case)
▶No Flame Rechargeable Lighter — Safe, easy and convenient. Built-in a no-flame heating coil and USB port, which can light up 250 cigarettes per single 1.6 hours full charge. Imaging if you forget to take lighter in camping or wilderness survival? How convenient it is!
▶Fits iPhone 6 and 6s (4.7 inch). Package Included — 1*lighter case, 1*USB cable. ZVE 1-year warranty.

Discounted Price – $45.99

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