iPhone 7 Clone Unboxing!

iPhone 7 vs 6S Unboxing –
iPhone 7 Clone Unboxing + Hands on/sneak peek of the iPhone 7, 7 Plus and potentially the iPhone 7 Pro!
iPhone 7 Leaks –

iPhone 7 Unboxing Clone Source!

Dream Desk 3 –
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27 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Clone Unboxing!

  1. Ms.Saphire

    Omg… at least it's good enough. My mom won't buy me a phone!!!! Even if it's refurbished! So, I showed her this phone, and she said yes! Little did she know it's fake. Sadly, maybe I won't even get my hands on this! I just need to know a few simple things, is there iTunes? Is there Siri? That's all. Hope you see this. Maybe I will get my hands on an iPhone maybe now or then.

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