iPhone 7 Color Comparison – what’s your favorite color?

The iPhone 7 and 7S come in 5 colors: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Matte Black and Jet Black. In this color comparison we take a closer look at each of them. Which would you pick?

46 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Color Comparison – what’s your favorite color?

  1. Nine Ninjas

    I'm saving up money for a 7 or a 7+ but can't decide which color! At first i wanted either rose gold or jet black, but have heard many things about the jet black that are negative. I'm kinda on the silver side now, but idk! I love them all! Help someone!

  2. icecreambev

    may fave color is black but all my friends iphone is black im goin to buy tomorrow i guess ill get either gold or rose gold i want to get chick this time. well it depends because i really love black omg what shall i do 😂

  3. DipsyMum29

    Okay I've got the iPhone 7 plus in pink (sorry boys admit it it's pink lol) and want to know how scratch resistant it is. I've got a glass screen protector and am careful with my phones.

  4. Lollie extreme

    I think rose gold is my favourite it looks so pretty in a case that has some clear , i hav a rose gold at the moment but I hav to get a matte black so I am just going to get a clear case so you can't see the fingerprints 😂🌟 but definitely suggest the rose gold it is so beautiful and better in real life just make sure you don't drop it or scratch it 😂😊 but all colours are cool 😎 like jet black😍🙈

  5. x DeRosear

    I like the feel of Matte Black, but the look of Jet Black. Gold obviously just looks good because it's Gold. Silver looks good because it matches everything, such as cases and headphones. Me personally, I have the rose gold 7 Plus & I think it's the best looking. It's just "different" from the others and in a way, in the only real colored iPhone we have. Would've been dope to see that dark blue concept come to reality.

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