iPhone 7 grows market share, Galaxy Note 7 end of life & more – Pocketnow Daily

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– US Galaxy Note 7 won’t charge starting December 15
– Upcoming Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom revealed to feature dual rear cam, huge…

27 thoughts on “iPhone 7 grows market share, Galaxy Note 7 end of life & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. victor bozzo

    Google Pixel XL. Why? Well I wanted to see why people were making such a fuss over it. IMO the hype appears to be well deserved. I have been impressed both with the picture quality as well as the speed in which pictures can be taken with it. Plus it has been mostly buttery smooth from the time I transferred everything over from my Nexus 6P which was fairly easy to do as well. Have yet to see the lense flare issues that have been reported.

  2. iFIRE Starter

    Came from the Samsung Note 7 purchased the LG V20 and I had two different LG devices that the speaker blew on. Now my daily driver is a iPhone 7 Plus my first iPhone. It's my daily driver now simply because it works as intended! Lol

  3. Dude ManBud

    BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition as daily driver for work and LG V10 for play. BlackBerry just gets things done easily and the OS is smoother than Android and iOS. LG V10 for play since it has access to Google Play and all those apps.

  4. George Themba Khumalo

    if Foxconn wants to expand operations, it should rather build fatories in Africa,
    There's allot of vast, untapped land in africa, considering factors such as urbanization and pollution, The USA is a bad choice…and besides, Such large scale industrialized production comes with cheap labor, Entitled US Citizens arent very fond of that or compatible, lol

  5. Wilex Heynderickx

    just because of the note 7 people are thinking that all other phones aren't good from Samsung or explode such dumb people idk but s7 was till October the best of the best you can get. ya iPhone 7 is indeed faster but its still a phone from February I think apple end all other companies got enough time to double its "beast" and you gotta admit before the note 7 explode it was definitely the beast of that time

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