iPhone 7 Hands-On Impressions From David Pogue

Leo Laporte and Ron Richards is joined by David Pogue to talk about the Apple September event, including his hands-on impressions of the iPhone 7.
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17 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Hands-On Impressions From David Pogue

  1. otogigamer

    Instead of making phones thinner why not make it thicker by 1/8 of an inch. Doing so you can make the glass thicker so it won't crack from a 5 foot drop or you can make the battery thicker too so it'll last longer. Honestly apple if they had courage why not add a micro SD card slot and wireless charging. We all know if they did that the sales of future iphones are over. But you'll have happy consumers

  2. godfatherNYC

    On the iPhone, it's "taptic," not "haptic." And the Home button sounds good, but I never had to do two motions. My 6S Plus is really fast when I just touch the Home button, it reads my fingerprint and unlocks.

  3. Tommy Rosa

    What is this guy talking about in reference to the old home button? You didn't have to move your finger to "swipe to unlock" you push it and left your finger on it and the phone would unlock. This is what happens when you let someone over 70 review tech.

  4. Matthew B

    apple is the thrid company to take it out however …apple was the first to have rummoured to do so ………… and the other companies who did it first was just following apple it shows you how influencial apple can be or a rumour about apple

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