iPhone 7: I love the new Home button

It’s took a few days, but I’m now fully used to the iPhone 7’s Home button, and I think it’s better than previous iPhone Home buttons.

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48 thoughts on “iPhone 7: I love the new Home button

  1. GorgeousGangsta Laz

    Great review on the home button!! I just bought my iPhone 7 plus yesterday and I love the home button. But I wanted to see some reviews on it and your review was the best one. Again great review..oh yea I just subscribed!!🙌🏽

  2. Jinan Oo

    Thank you
    I was kinda afraid that something was wrong with my new iPhone 7 plus , every time I press the home button it feels like I'm pressing the whole inferior side ..
    That's a relive 😉

  3. Vlad Vysotsky

    Guys who have the new iphone. There is a question. Does your iphone have a sound when touching home button? It's like click sound and I cannot understand if it's a programmatic thing or hardware. When I cover up the right speaker grille, the sound disappears.

  4. 29kalel

    Nothing to get used to. Feels like a real button. People find everything to complain about. Normal button didn't work if you had gloves on or something covering your finger or if your finger is wet nothing new.

  5. Vincent Wong

    I have tested few material, you still can click the home button with ziplock bag. Some thicker ziplock bag still clickable. The only not clickable are those thick waterproof bag. Please test the statement before you claim it.

  6. Rajat verma

    Hey, Man I saw a security flaw, videos that a man unlocked a ministers phone using a High Resolution image of his thumb, may be that security flaw is covered up with this. I am not sure but you must take a look at it and tell your viewers if its so.

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