iPhone 7 – Magnetic Charging Magic

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The Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus adds extra battery and magnetic wireless charging to your iPhone.

More info from Mophie – The protective juice pack air battery case has the power to extend the life of your iPhone 7 to a total of 27 hours and features Charge Force wireless power to enable effortless charging using virtually any wireless charging…

40 thoughts on “iPhone 7 – Magnetic Charging Magic

  1. Domenico Parise

    Hi have the older version a little to Big for my liking but like you said the sound is better with the case on, 3D printing guys com'è on. I also think that they could have made one much smaller for just wireless charging

  2. Nano

    When i had this for my 6+ it only worked for a few days then went to shit. Case it self is amazing but the wireless charger did not work well for me. So i don't think i will ever try the wireless charge base again…

  3. Eri Lessai

    Apple is behind Samsung and other smartphone manufacturers. I mean when you have to buy a specific case to wireless charge your devise…… And Samsung smartphones don't even need one….. That's pathetic

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