iPhone 7 Plus as a vlogging camera???

Finally got my hands on the new iPhone 7 Plus 256GB in Jet Black!!! First tests of the camera are pretty impressive but can it be used as a vlogging camera to avoid carrying around my Canon G5X MKII ???

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18 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus as a vlogging camera???

  1. Rubik Himaduna

    Really good video and nice conclusion that having a "true" vlogging camera is always better but considering most people cant afford another camera, using iPhone 7+ is a win win situation. I am surprised about how good iPhone 7+ shoots in good lightening and in my opinion it does 95% of the things G5x can do.

  2. Jack Thomas

    Hey awesome video!! it was actually enjoyable to watch unlike alot of peoples videos now-a-days lmao. I have a channel as well, if youd check it out and maybe subscribe if you like it that would mean so mcuh to me!! or any feedback you have would be awesome too!! either way tho, keep up the good work. ill stay up to date with your stuff :)

  3. Gary g1fsh

    the 7 plus is much faster than the 6 plus andy and to b fair i think it put up a really good fight against your camera that footage in your office was really good quality but the low light stuff was not so good lol. Great vlog as always mate

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