iPhone 7 Plus camera explored — PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moment 2016-09-19

PhotoJoseph explores the features of the iPhone 7 Plus camera with dual lenses and RAW capture! See a RAW photos shot at sunrise then manipulated in Lightroom Mobile. It’s pretty impressive what this little camera can do! Also now you can download the original DNG file and play with it yourself from — enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus camera explored — PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moment 2016-09-19

  1. Masood Jamily

    Thank you for this video I truly enjoyed it the question that I have is that I will be receiving my iPhone 7 Plus and I want to know what is the best camera app that I can get from the Apple store and it's light room the best editing software for the raw images that I will be doing

  2. Wayne Landry

    Wow nothing is real! Just manipulated like all photography is now. A picture never tells a story only an edit guru makes a story. Composition is everything but after that it's all manipulated to the 1000th degree. Sad so sad!

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