iPhone 7 Plus Clone/ Fake – The Most Real – 1080P – Fingerprint ID – Octa-Core Processor

Check the comparison video with the Original iPhone 7 Plus:
In this video i will show you how to spot the closest replica to the original iPhone 7 Plus.
There are many fake devices available on the market and it becomes harder and harder to spot them because they become very real looking.
This particular clone has an Octa-Core processor capable of 4G Connectivity, a real fingerprint scanner, a 1080P display and much more. There are iphone replicas available…

43 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Clone/ Fake – The Most Real – 1080P – Fingerprint ID – Octa-Core Processor

  1. Sheikh Lamptey

    Look guys, There is NO 2GB RAM iPhone clone. The processor also 1.3Ghz which is very slow compared to any phone we use in the USA, plus the ROM [capacity] is 4GB. And that sucks… The finger print is also not real when you use another finger and keep it pressed long on the knob it opens up the phone though that finger is not the right finger. You will waste your $200.00 for a clone you will regret buying… don't be fooled I was once and I can't look on while unsuspecting buyers are SCAMMED.

  2. Tyler Henry

    Thanks so much for the amazing video keep up the good work !! I've been doing a bunch of research on cloned iPhones because my friend wants a iPhone but she is so clumsy and drops her phones all the time so I feel like clones are a good thing for her because they are so cheap compared to the real deal . This video is the best video I've seen on the cloned iPhones thanks again !
    – Tyler

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