iPhone 7 Plus Jet Back 128GB Unboxing

Its finally arrived! Unboxing the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black 128GB!

iPhone 7 Plus Clear Case

44 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Jet Back 128GB Unboxing

  1. djaztek87

    Does this clear case make some kind of "water bubble" effect or kind of rainbow effect because of the sticky plastic on the glossy iphone back? Most of the clear case I tried, even the spigen, did this.
    In your video it doesn't seems to do that but I'm asking just to be sure…

  2. Nando van Vliet

    Oh SHIT MAN! Don't use a clear case!! It will mess up your iPhone soooo bad! Will be littered with scratches when you take it out in a few weeks. Use a microfiber lined case instead, like the apple silicon case.

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