iPhone 7 Plus – My Impressions

– iPhone 7 Plus – My Impressions.

I know it’s only been a week since I started my “Train Every Body Part Every Day Program” but I thought I would give you my feedback so far…

Last week I finally got my new Apple iPhone 7 Plus in 256GB. I was originally waiting on a Matt Black iPhone via a reservation I had with my Cellular Provider but things where not moving all that fast! So I went with plan B and reserved the same iPhone but in Silver with my local Apple…

18 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus – My Impressions

  1. Razvan Dragos

    Nice review! You should check us out as well! We have the silver 7 plus, gold 7 plus, black 7, and rose gold 7. We also have almost all Leather cases. Please give us a chance, Thank you!

  2. Mazdaman

    3:50 man I was in that same exact same situation I waited for the black 7 plus but i ended with the silver and I got that exact phone case lol the.batery life well at the end of the day I have around 60% battery life lol

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