iPhone 7 Plus not sealed correctly against water damage !? (Hisses when I squeeze it)

I know the iPhone 7 is not water proof, however it is IP 67 water resistant. That means it should be okay underwater for 30 minutes @ 1 meter. My iPhone 7 Plus did that stand to those standards. It makes a “hissing” noise when you sqeeze it.
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43 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus not sealed correctly against water damage !? (Hisses when I squeeze it)

  1. George Arteaga

    The same thing happened to me, I bought the iPhone 7 because I heard of the resistance to water, so I bought it and took it with me to honduras. I wanted underwater footage of rivers and lakes of spring water but as soon as I got out of the first river ( I put it underwater for less than a foot for about 10-20 seconds) it turned off and started showing me the apple logo but never actually turned on then it completely turned off and its been about 4 weeks but it still won turn on, btw I bought the iPhone 7 plus jet black 256 gbs.

  2. Zumblu

    I have the 7 plus jet black. I accidentally went swimming with it, on the deep end I was in there for way over 30 minutes. I came out started freaking out. But it's completely fine. Everything is like it was. The top speaker everyone says is what goes first, it works fine. No moisture in camera, nothing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Tseyk Suli

    Jeremy Judkins have you ever heard of getting factory fault? since just because your device wasn't properly sealed against water does not mean others are same since i have seen other videos of people putting thier iphone plus 7 into water and everything was fine no water came inside it so right now your making alot of chitchat about your device is defected so again just because you got faulty one does not mean issue will occure to everyone else.

  4. Keith Millikan

    I see that liquid damage is not covered in Apple's warranty. But at the same time Apple claims IP 67, when it seems to be more like IP62- IP66. So couldn't Apple be taken in a class-action for false advertising?

  5. Fabio Leal

    before anything : I have the note 7 i order the iPhone 7 Plus AND I HAVE IPADS AIR BOOK BUT THE IPHONE IOS ITS JUST NOT FUN PLATFORM FOR A PHONE YES IT WAS THE BEST BUT ITS IN THE PAST , look i like to know why when iphone have something wrong people say is just bad batch etc … i think i not good quality latelly yes i order the iPhone 7 plus just because its easy to sale for those stupid people after they lunch the note 8 LOL. by the way if SAMSUNG MAE THE SAME DEAL THEY ARE DOING IN KORIA BY THE TIME I RECEIVE THE IPHONE I WILL EXCHANGE TO THE S7 EDGE AND UPGRADE LATER LIKE THEY ARE DOING IN KORIA.

  6. Linked Devices

    You can try buying a 10 lbs bag of rice and leaving it in a ventilated area preferable near sunlight over night. That's the proper way to do the rice trick. There was a weird rumor that started where people would throw a few grains in and seal the device in a container like they thought it was a magical ritual or something.

  7. Nicholas Cheung

    Hi have you got any response from Apple about this although I know they won't cover this under warranty. I have watched Austin's video about his failed water test, however maybe he deleted it or some sort, I am now not able to find that video anymore. Searching " iPhone 7 water test fail" however have come up with no result similar to yours

  8. nuggets003

    when i pinch my screen like u do but at the bottom right it ticks like there is separation should i take it back to apple also it freezes alot a i have to reset it a couple times a week

  9. Scott Champion

    This is not the only video I have seen of this problem. I've noticed a pattern in that it only seems to be the mat black iPhones doing this. I personally have a gold 7 plus and it's been in a swimming pool and still works fine. It's very weird. 👍👍👍 Nice video too.

  10. Arturo Cesar

    I saw your video where you returned the Note 7, disappointed with the whole recall issue, in order to buy this iPhone…now you have a phone they will not replace regardless of manufacturer issues. Apple specifically states NOT to submerge the phone underwater, you now have a video showing you doing it. The water resistance is purely for accidental water exposure and even if you drop it in water by accident and it fails they won't replace it either. This is the case for Samsung as well.

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