iPhone 7 Plus: One Month Later

After one month with the iPhone 7 Plus, how does Apple’s flagship hold up?

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22 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus: One Month Later

  1. Michael Amos

    If I could forcibly "direct" the exact comment stream below, not making anyone right or wrong but just get the exact same conversation participants with their current views "freshly filtered" with the following emphasis:  Apple's early established–dare I say well-earned  "moral high ground" via design, fit, finish, etc… has been usurped by tech in general. 

    That one fact, I suspect, properly weighted in this conversation would radically and interestingly alter first the conversation, and second how either camp views the other. 

    I'm grateful to Apple for setting a high bar for quality early on, and have showed it with my buying habits…  I experienced 'reflexive loyalty', WHILE getting hacked off by seeming "predatory marketing and design offerings", clever ecosystem benefits NOTWITHSTANDING.  But, now that everybody and his brother produces KILLAH phones, the sea is  rising on that high ground, dudes.  I DON'T pay for brand.  I PAY for function, and yes style, so hey…

  2. Robert Gonzalez

    Didn't Displaymate do in depth testing of the screen, going as far as calling it "near perfect" due to, among other things, the accurate color reproduction? I know it's subjective, but you seemed very confident about the screen NOT being the best.

  3. Repzol

    My 7Plus screen keeps randomly dimming even with auto brightness turned off… also the cameras auto focus/aperture is worse that older iphones, really twitchy and strobe like

  4. Luke Lou

    It's funny with all the hate with the iphone, but it's the original app smart phone before bootleg android came out. And what's even more funny is that iOS will always be better. This hate and jealousy is cuz y'all poor and can't afford it, well you keep your full feature phones with app crashes and malware.

  5. Niek Ha

    I don't get it, everytime critics say they want wireless charging ???
    WHO the fuck is using wireless charging ???
    It's inconvenient, it charges slower and you can't move around with your phone but with a cable you can
    What is the matter with you ?

  6. alexis bulls

    I must admit this now. What ever has happened with Note 7 i will still waits for s8. Though i am a huge iphone loyal. Let it be blast but specs for just a camera opps sorry dual camera system i can't go for it. Eventualy apple never slashes their price dramaticaly down as samsung does

  7. Fields Carlisle

    Here's an early preview of 2017's iPhone event:

    "Hello everyone, my name is Tim Cook and I am the CEO of Apple. Last year we revolutionized iPhone by removing the headphone jack. This year we are introducing some new features we know you'll all love. To get started, we are moving away from Lightning to USB-C v2.1. No, this isn't the USB-C you know and love, it's our own new and improved version. This allows us to keep quality control in check. These new USB-C v2.0A connectors will only be sold and manufactured by Apple. We decided that it would be fitting to keep USB 2.0 as the foundation so your transfer rates and charging will be identical to before. We didn't want to throw anyone for a loop if their phone charged in under 2 hours or transferred data at a fast speed.

    Moving onto the new features on the phone itself, iPhone 8 Plus now has 4 cameras on the back (because 2 just doesn't cut it). To go along with the introduction of of our proprietary new charging cables, iPhone 8 sports iSlow Charge 8.0X. We've completely overhauled ForceTouch so much that we now call it 4D Touch Plus because 3D touch is so yesteryear. You can now breath on your phone and control a host of new gestures never before seen on a phone before. And of course the new Apple A11X Cortex Quad Core processor is 500% faster than last year's A10. Combine the new A11X Cortex with our new motion coprocessor and Apple's new 'Taptic' home button engine, and you have our fastest iPhone ever!

    Last year we really began focusing on the quality of audio, that's why we removed the headphone jack! Well recently we realized we had to focus on our display technology as well. Instead of relying on such a useless thing as a screen, we've decided to ditch the screen altogether on iPhone 8 and move our focus towards the best viewing experience possible. Starting with iPhone 8, instead of a pesky screen, we will provide you with our new and proprietary eyeShare quick connect adapter. This cord allows your to seamlessly and easily display your phone screen on a device that actually has one! Since we were tired of seeing how bad our screens looked next to other phones, and knew you were too, what better way to solve the problem than to just remove it? Someone had to do this to move the market in the next direction and we had to be those people. It's a given, nobody will ever be satisfied with the quality of video on a small 5.5" screen with horrible resolution. Nothing says improvement like removing it, right? eyeShare improves the viewing experience completely, allowing up to a 1,000,000% larger viewing area than iPhone 7 Plus.* You can now mirror your screen with our proprietary eyeShare cord on up to a 55" TV or monitor and it supports up to 480i resolution! WOW!!!

    *Depends on size of screen you connect to. Apple is not responsible for any damage caused to your TV or monitor.

    We couldn't make all of these magical changes to our hardware without updating iOS so… Bye bye Siri! You're being replaced by Apple Assistant. No, this isn't Siri with a new name oddly reminiscent of Google Assistant. Of course not! Apple only makes the best and most original products and software. Apple Assistant is a magical and revolutionary AI platform. We will be releasing more information on Apple Assistant closer to launch date.

    On top of Apple Assistant, we've spent the last year tinkering iOS to make it the best and fastest iOS on the planet. We've introduced some amazing new features we know you'll like. #1. iOS 11 can now make monthly, semiannual or annual donations to our R&D department directly from your checking account or credit card. All you have to do is tell Apple Assistant how you want to make your donation, and it will do it automatically with one command!

    The final new feature to iOS 11 is what we like to call iLauncher. We've known for a long time that you all would like to make the home screen feel like, well home. So now you can. We are the first company that lets you do this with our iLauncher technology. You can download your own iLauncher from the iOS app store and change how your home screen will look! iLaunchers start at only $199 and you can download as many as you would like.

    Last but not least folks, we've made the iPhone even more affordable for all of you desperately waiting to sample our fastest iPhone ever. iPhone 8 starts at only $648 and iPhone 8 Plus at $768! That's right, it's a whole $1 less than last year. We've introduced some amazing new features today and know you're all ready to sign over your first born child to sample them. Preorders start now! Get out your credit cards ladies and gentlemen and sample the new world of iPhone!"

  8. Jake Calderon

    Honestly the only headphone problem I'm having is when I'm using wired headphone on my 7 plus and then switch to use my iPad. With wired headphones obviously. I know that there's Bluetooth headphones and blah blah blah

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