iPhone 7 Plus sells out, Galaxy Note 7 formally recalled (Tech Today)

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Certain iPhone 7 Plus models are already sold out at Apple’s own stores. Meanwhile, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 due to burn and fire hazards.

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22 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus sells out, Galaxy Note 7 formally recalled (Tech Today)

  1. Earlando Johnson

    I'm so sick and tired of some Apple Fans and their nonsense. If a person is truly afraid of the Note 7, they would he better off switching to the S7 Edge since it's 80 percent of the Note 7 (same UI, OS and specs). Note users require more productively and multitasking that any iPhone simply can't do.

  2. Barry

    iphone 7 plus I won't want one has a gift. Camera slow to focus , no extra storage basic 32gb Note 7 64GB and many more useful features.
    And of course the pen can't do without that. 😊

  3. tommyace

    Compared my iphone 6S to iphone 7 in store.. to be honest… I really really wanna upgrade, I have the money.. But I prefer a physical button. The camera is pretty much the same. The only difference was the camera picked up a tea colour in the sunlight.. but it was pretty much just as focused. Disappointed with the roll out too.. Its not sold out. They're holding them back and making it out like its rare so they make more sales. This has to be Apple's biggest fail of a phone.. we all know it.. It just kinda sux because I looked up to Cnet telling the honest truth. Its nothing but a commercial for Apple.

  4. MiracleWarriors

    Apple made many store futuristic Apple stores around the world and then they sell the phone's on the internet only.
    Waste of $$$ then. Better they up their game next year and make those stores to be worth going there to buy stuff on launch day.

  5. 911mporsche

    Samsung (android) phones are built to a price (cheaply) i had an android it lasted about a year with normal use. It was the worst phone i ever had. Then i switched to an iPhone 4s it lasted me over 4 years. Moral of the story, if you want something that lasts a lot longer get an Apple iPhone you cant go wrong. Also get a case! It don't matter how well you think you take care of your phone, at some point your phone may get dropped and will possibly cause damage. paying about $50 or so for a case could save you hundreds in repairs or a replacement.

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