iPhone 7 PLUS Unboxing!! 256GB Rose Gold!!

Ahh in today’s vlog I unbox my new iPhone 7 plus in the rose gold color!! Ahh hope you like it!! Sorry it was a bit short! xo -Alisha Marie
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26 thoughts on “iPhone 7 PLUS Unboxing!! 256GB Rose Gold!!

  1. KrazyKyliee

    I don't want the iPhone 7 or 7 plus, I really want the 6s. I have enough money but my dad won't let me buy it -.- And how do these people EVER have enough money for all these things omg :O

  2. hanna dm

    ur WAY out of topic if this was an unboxing video then just unbox ur new phone and not do ur makeup in video btw i have ur same phone and color but its 128 GB i love ur videos too

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