iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing – Camera Raw stills & 4k Video tests – in 4k

Hey guys I got my iPhone 7 Plus this morning and I took it out for a test to see how the Raw files and 4k video look on the new camera(s). It’s not a full review. I just wanted to talk about the photography and video side of things. Obviously I didn’t have a ton of time to take the worlds best photos in 5 hours but at least you get a chance to see what it can do in the real world.
The app you need to shoot DMG – Its…

38 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing – Camera Raw stills & 4k Video tests – in 4k

  1. Keko2461

    Just got mine also, I just wish the 4K mode was 60fps too instead of 30fps :/ at times the 1080p/60fps looks a lot better just cuz it runs more smooth. Maybe an update soon or something… And that background blur effect you spoke about at 4:45 is the "Depth" mode on the camera I believe? I thought all 7-plus came with it didn't know yours didn't. its a nice feature. Love your video very straight to the point and showed all the camera modes well.

  2. derickj1976

    Great review homie. I'm still deciding if I should cancel my order on the iPhone 7 plus and just stick with my note 4 which is becoming super laggy and freezes a bit more, but I'm not too bothered by those issues. I just like my s-pen and the bazillion extras you can do on android that I basically never, or rarely use, or even knew I had.

  3. Trevor McDonald

    lol I just ordered my 7plus today. Definitely going to be doing lots of tests with it, but I'm with you! I'm not about to do a water resistance test 😂 I'll find that out if I ever drop it in water.

  4. Elis

    This is probably the best video I've seen and best examples of picture quality, I have 1 video on my channel that was filmed on a 6s and I felt like everything I was seeing on the iPhone 7 was worse

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