Vlog 1635 – IPHONE 7 PLUS VIDEO CAMERA INDOOR TEST – a Tech Video & a Vlog in one! All (and only) footage from BrickCon 2016 was recorded on the iPhone 7 Plus without locking exposure or focus (as they cannot be set independent of one another in the iOS camera app). The video clips were trimmed but remain untouched apart from sound level boosting. Nothing was stabilized in post. Most shots were taken with the 2x lens. Every non-BrickCon clip in this video was recorded with our standard vlog…


  1. Anthony Menegoni

    Diana's food always looks amazing! Its cool that Chris goes to brickcon. Chris did bring up a good point about the dirty finger thing. Its crazy to thing the amount of time goes into putting those lego sets together! A lot of the lego scences are truly incrediable. The micro brickcon table was awesome! Gheez Wicket and his wet mess.

  2. netta2158

    Wow! Some folks are so creative! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful and imaginative Lego creations with us! Jedi will enjoy going to this one day and to see it through her eyes will be doubly enjoyable! (^8

  3. Ashton Schwinn

    I Love the fact that I am sitting here now watching this vlog on BrickCon, while putting together a 1,000+ piece Millennium Falcon Lego set that my son bought me for my birthday! I'm in heaven!

  4. Christopher Miller

    Jedi's alphabet was adorable….
    Don't you hate when someone "picks" a moment in their car to show off their skills…..does kind of make you wonder about shaking hands.
    Brickcon camera shots were great…I would love to go to that…very talented displays.

  5. Je S

    Chris, with all the bacon you consume and the quantity of eggs you eat daily, it would be interesting to know what your cholesterol levels are. Since you don't seem to get much exercise I'm guessing their pretty high. I'm sure many of your subscribers have thought the same thing. How about a contest…"Guess Chris' cholesterol and win a ?"

  6. Make Your Own Power

    well , you all have a great stormy day…there has been 3 tornados so far. 2 in Oregon Manzanita an Oceanside. And one in Battle Ground.

    Ever review a storm?

    Seattle and Portland both have areas where there are " Wind Tunnel Effects".

    Any who. Stay safe.
    Today for our are down south of you..were gone be rocking and rolling ….Come On Storm! yahoo…hmm tad boring right now…just…rain….no wind….meh…

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