iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7!

My comparison on the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy Note 7! Please disregard the weird artifacts during the photo comarison. I don’t know why but Adobe Premiere kept messing up during that portion! Time to switch to Final Cut! LOL

iPhone 7 Plus Camera Test:

Supersaf Camera Comparison:

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39 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 7!

  1. Paul Browning

    Whoever made this video is clearly going off based and regular information. The headphone jack was taken away to supplement the thinness of the device. Also to allow the home button the not be a button. Since the iPhone is somewhat water proof now, having a clickable button is not conducive to your device stating dry. So stop acting as if they just took it away to spite you dude. Bad review. Before people do reviews, get facts before you spew an uneducated opinion.

  2. sir JAMES bROWN

    The phone is a digital device the headphone jack is analog the lighting headphones is so much better sound cause it's digital digital the sound is unreal the headphone jack is old tech people freaked out when Apple removed the optical drive then every computer company did it


    Good video bro. I do reviews as well and haven't had the chance to get both phones in hand at the same time to compare so this video was helpful. Ill check out supa saf's comparison as well. Keep up the good works..

  4. Shrikant Raut

    Great Video.
    I think I prefer iPhone just because I've evolved my work into Mac ecosystem with the iMac, Macbook, iPad, and even the Apple TV and stuff. If I did not have all this stuff? Well I'm waiting on 4th Oct. Let's see what google makes me choose.

    Though since last November I've been using Nexus 6p, which has been a great phone without any problems.

  5. No Name

    Note 7 battery probably dies quicker because of the display. Higher resolution means takes more energy and battery life.
    While iPhone 7 still has 1080p which isn't bad however it is why Samsung Note 7 has a better display.
    great video btw.

  6. No Name

    Apple removed the headphone jack to receive more money. Since they're the only phone company that uses lightening cable other headphones companies need to pay apple to use it to sell their headphones to iPhone 7 users. it's business.

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