iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 Edge: Which is the better Flagship?

This video is a comparison between two of this years flagships. we put them head to head to find out which one is right for you.

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42 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 Edge: Which is the better Flagship?

  1. FeaR FuZiioN

    Okay here's what I don't get about some people yes the s7 and s7 edge have super amoled 1440p screens and all this ram but what is it really doing for you guys? The phone has poor ram management and apps aren't optimized for it. The iPhone 7 and 7 plus are clearly faster is single core and multicore.

  2. DarkOm3ga

    One thing I hate is an apple die hard trying to compare phones with galaxy. IOS is made for people that have low IQs. Android is for the intellectual geniuses. IPhone is old and played out. Simple.

  3. Iman El Hassan

    been using apple products for years and here's my conclusion: smooth and all for basic usage but when they break, they break hard and there's little chance to come back from it. and expensive. i lost count on how many times my iphone just all of a sudden stuck in bootloops, losing battery so damn fast, charging takes forever.. AND… SO FREAKIN HARD TO MOVE FILES AND SYNC whatever media. without a jailbreak,ios is too damn boring..and with no sign of ios10 jailbreak coming soon,i finally i decided to switch to android (s7 edge). conclusions: best.smartphone. ever. at least for me. and btw it's not a biased comment because all ive been using for the longest time were apple products..mac,ipad,iphones. best windows laptop beats apple's and best android phone beats apple's. android phone variations are wide, thats why a lot of people think it's not as polished as ios or whatever. but really, after years of observations and exoerience with these two, i firmly believe android is better than ios. and in the future, the difference is going to be more obvious. but then again, these are all just devices…life's too short to care too much or have an allegiance or whatever for these inanimate objects.

  4. LGN

    that moment when you have a android channel for a more views but high key a apple fan boy in this video and denying it like a pathetic bitch

  5. intra morph

    a video like this one will always get hate from either the samsung fanbois (if you choose the iPhone) or iPhone fanbois (providing you choose samsung) …. it's unavoidable xD

  6. Amitabha Ghosh

    100 dislikes at a time for this shitty video!!! I don't think he ever used S7 edge. just borrowed it from his friend for 10 minutes and made this bullshit video!! Or he is toooooooo high!! :-P

  7. Sudden Revelations

    I Phone 7 has a better design. I Phone 7 has a better operating system. I Phone 7 has better battery life. I Phone 7 has better sound. I Phone has a better camera. The Samsung S7 has a 3.5 audio jack

  8. MrTrux

    Both phones are excellent. Every video out there aims specifically at hardware or aesthetics when making comparisons and this is somewhat aggregating to me. While both are different, each both essentially do the same thing and both do it well. The real comparison IMO is based solely on 2 aspects. One, is software for backing up the device. Apple clearly has a strong hold here with iTunes. It's simple to use and easily backs up and restores your device EXACTLY as it was, app layout and all. Good luck doing this with an android device. Secondly, is customer service and how each would handle an issue should one arise. My S7 Edge has been MIA for 3 weeks and Samsung is telling me 3-4 weeks more to replace a defective SIM card reader and screen. The phone is obviously under warranty and they would not give a loaner device in the meantime. I purchased a J16 to hold me over and hated it. That phone was returned and I bought an iPhone 7 plus. Once my other device is ready, it is being sold. My wife had an issue with her 6s Plus while under warranty. Although the issue was somewhat minor, Apple replaced the device on the spot no questions asked and all within five minutes of walking into an Apple Store. With all the recent troubles plaguing Samsung they need to step up their after sales service. I am now switched to Apple and won't be buying anymore Samsung products solely on how Samsung handled my situation and concerns not just with my Edge but my washer as well. Also, for such a large corporation there's no reason for the calling centre to be overseas. I have to repeat everything twice because comprehension of the English language is clearly an issue and all they know how to do is apologize for the inconvenience.

  9. Emmett Scott

    I've had both and I switched back to samsung galaxy galaxy s7 edge. iphones are boring, if u had a iPhone 4 there it's just the same boring apple phone. u are able to do way more on the galaxy showbox is massive. and the reason for the battery lasting longer on an iPhone is that it's just a plan display.

  10. XxUnraveledGamerxX

    What really triggered me was when he said the iPhone had a better battery life than the s7 edge although the s7 edge has a lager battery than the iPhone 7. I have a regular s7 and I could go a whole day with only charging it once. The battery life on this phone is insane. But it's whatever everyone has their opinion

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