iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G5 Speed Test, Camera Speed, Fingerprint Scanner, Web Browsing

Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G5 speed test, camera speed, fingerprint scanner, AnTuTu, bootup, web browsing, and more covered.

30 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus vs LG G5 Speed Test, Camera Speed, Fingerprint Scanner, Web Browsing

  1. James Siggins

    I think a lot of these tests are pointless. The iPhone will load games more quickly, it has a lower resolution plus games aren't built to scale depending on the device like they are on Android, Unix (iPhone) is much better with memory management, it is also a very limited and restricted operating system, therefore making it a lot quicker generally anyway. I'm not a fan of Apple products, too expensive for what you get in my opinion. I don't have a problem with people owning them, I just can't justify the prices myself.

  2. andyH_England

    It's easy, iOS is what you buy if performance especially in intensive apps, is what you want. Android if you want different choices, or gimmicks as I call them. iPhone wins loading as they spent money on their own storage controller and use the fastest storage. They don't have to rely on third party non optimised controllers. As for doing intensive stuff like on the fly video processing the iPhone is 2-3 times faster and in games there is no thermal throttling where as the Note 7 for instance would within a short time reduce CPU by half. Hopefully Apple will keep the 1080p/750p resolution as it has great screens and if they upscale they will lose battery life, frame rates and performance, all for pixels you cannot see. Imagine the G5 with 1080p, it would have been a beast in the Android world (pretty good anyway), the Moto Z Play for instance has nearly 10 hours SOT due to 1080p and is selling great where as the Moto Z with 2k is already being discounted by 25% after a couple of weeks (UK), lucky to get more than 4 hours!!!

  3. moath324

    good video. Did you switch off game optimizer on lg g5? it's in the battery life setting. i don't think it will make huge difference, but i am curious to see the results.

  4. BK LM

    LG G5 is very underrated. Good and bad. I got my lg g5 for $400 brand new unlocked, good for me as a customer. Bad, how LG can survive?IPhone has the raw faster speed. But day to day non gaming, G5 feels pretty close in speed. Between the 2, I will certainly take G5 over 7 Plus (my current daily driver is a jailbroken iPhone SE for its compact size) because G5 has a sharper screen, removable battery, microSD (I can load a ton of movies), Android's more and better, built in functions e.g. Wi-Fi tethering, better text scaling, better app to app integration (thru the Share button). Just a lot more productive and a better media consumption device.

  5. Abdiel Pagán

    apple fan. The iphone with that screen obviesly is going to be faster in some areas. Respect to Lg with a 2k screen and in some apliccacions was faster. In the camera thats clear that the G5 destroy the iphone.

  6. cleo williams

    ios load games fastee normally being because of optimization for only one device compared to a game having to be optimized dor manu different android devices with different software. plus iphone 7 only allows you to play games on standard settings compared to android which allows you to play on the highest settings.

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