IPHONE 7 PLUS VS NOTE 7: SHOULD YOU upgrade to IPhone7 ?

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Should you upgrade to IPhone 7 plus since Note 7 discontinued?
The answer is no! It’s a huge downgrade and here are the reasons why you should not.


here is the IPHone video:

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12 thoughts on “IPHONE 7 PLUS VS NOTE 7: SHOULD YOU upgrade to IPhone7 ?

  1. Isaiah ii

    All great points. I love how you mentioned the file explorer which is something all Androids have had since the beginning and yet to this day iPhone refuses to allow it's users to control the files on their device directly. This is one of the big reasons Android is so much better than iOS. For me, an operating system has to have a file explorer or else it's a pretty weak operating system. It's amazing how bad iOS is yet so many still think it's the best. I guess iPhone users can still point to its benchmark scores while us Android users actually get to use and control our devices how we want all the while enjoying the same speed in real world usage.

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