Iphone 7 Review: Key New Features & My Opinons!

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Hello beautiful people and welcome to my channel!:) Today’s video is very different for me! Instead of a beauty video this is going to be a review of my new iPhone 7! I’ve never done something like this so be nice lol. I broke it up into the key new features that the iPhone 7 offers and my opinions on all of them! I really hope this helps some out of you out, please make sure to give it a thumbs up if…

42 thoughts on “Iphone 7 Review: Key New Features & My Opinons!

  1. KatieLynn Brookelle

    Absolutely love your review! You actually knew a lot about the phone unlike some other iPhone 7 reviews that i have been watching. I'm getting the iPhone 7 Plus in matte black in January. I'm coming from using android mainly but i had the iphone 6. So hopefully this upgrade will be worth it.(:

  2. ericc1020

    not bad 🙂 all the other retarded girls on yt don't even know what they're doing. they call it a review and dont even give specs or anything. you tried to educate yourself and I appreciate that

  3. Sahana K

    Amazing video,
    You have obviously done much research and are very knowledgeable!! Just a quick correction, there is only one speaker at the bottom, the second one is just for show, apple actually couldn't add in another speaker because of the tactic engine they needed for their force touch home button:)

  4. Char Smith

    If you are really worried about losing the headphone/ aux cord adapter, I have a Bluetooth aux cord. It connects to your phone, MPOW $10 on Amazon and works great. And your car does not need to have Bluetooth for it to work.

  5. Krisztian Voros

    You're literally the only "non tech focused" channel that actually do their research and not sound dumb at all while doing this review.

    Oh and by the way, IOS 10 brought a feature to the 6s and 7, it's called "raise to wake" so when you get a notification or just want to check the time, pick your phone up, and the screen will come on. No need to press a button. :)

  6. Desi Arapakis

    Loved this! Definitely going to try out some of these apps. I just posted a What's On My iPhone as well if you wanted to check it out. I would really appreciate it, also if you have the time, leave some feedback on that way out 😊

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