iPhone 7 “The Worst Phone Ever Made” Apple’s Dirty Secret September 2016 Keynote Reaction 2017

iPhone 7 The Worst Phone Ever Made – Apple’s Dirty Secret. Apple Keynote September 7th 2016 Reaction, Thoughts and News. 2017

iPod’s Dirty Secret by Casey Neistat:

What’s Up Playerz! Dustin here… BACK AGAIN, with a video all about the upcoming iPhone 7. In this video we are talking about all of my thoughts about today’s Apple keynote. Let me know what you guys think and leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by..

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32 thoughts on “iPhone 7 “The Worst Phone Ever Made” Apple’s Dirty Secret September 2016 Keynote Reaction 2017

  1. manz1able

    Wow, I'm a huge Apple fan and have had almost every iPhone, different iPods, an iPad and several MacBooks. Currently on the iPhone 7 plus, so you get it, huge Apple fan. But in fact, I can't do anything else than agree with almost everything you said! Never thought about it like this and it is eye opener I guess

  2. Kris S.

    I agree with everything you said about Apple products, but you should have explained why you continue to purchase and advertise their devices if you feel like their products are so average and lack major technical upgrades.

  3. Josh Salthouse

    I completely agree. I have the iPhone 6+ currently and have upgraded every year since the 4. The 6s wasn't worth upgrading to and neither is the 7. Unfortunately, most people will still go out and buy the phone just because it's the newest iPhone and as a result Apple will continue to put out mediocre products. However, there are still a good portion of people that won't buy the iPhone 7. Looking at the annual iPhone sales, Apple had the biggest year to year increase from 2014 to 2015 and then had the ONLY year to year decrease from 2015 to 2016 (but still sold almost 212 million iPhones). But, from what I've read, Apple planned this. The wanted to save their best features for the 10th anniversary iPhone 8 which is rumored to be coming out alongside the iPhone 7S and 7S+ later this year.

  4. dekatch

    at minute 7 you said the main number line brought all the new stuff. but thats not true. always the s version had newer stuff. 4s with siri, 5s with touch id, 6s dunno.. i dont think you got screwed over with the 7 main line. it was expected of me.

  5. Jeremy Fitsgerald

    For A Standard 12-Inch MacBook (1.1 GHz Dual Core Processor (Overclockable to 2.2 GHz), 256 GB Flash Storage, 8 GB Of Memory And Intel HD Graphics 515) You Need To Pay 1299 DOLLARS But All Of The Components (Not Including The Cost Of The Material The MacBook Is Build Of) Cost Around 553 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!


    Huh… I Just Fell That The Apple Logo (That Is Slapped Onto the Products) Costs Around 500 Dollars Itself……

    (If Your Gonna Be Mad At Me For Posting This Comment, This Is Just My Opinion And I'm Always Glad To Get 'Friendly' Feedback.)

  6. Ruthvik Raju

    Honestly, I 100% agree with u Justine, I'm not kidding, what u said is completely correct, they are just making there phones look good, I use a iPhone 6, the only reason I wanted the 7 was cause of the jet black colour cause it looks good, other wise , I don't need it, apple is like fancy phone company, it's all branding

  7. Genestic 12

    Apple be like
    Introducing the new iPhone 7.
    Slightly better than the iPhone 6S.
    No earphone jacks, so you have to buy our new AirPods if you want to use earphones.
    You don't have $200?
    Fuck you.

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